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Seth C. 5 stars I decided to build a Yahoo Store using the Yahoo E-Commerce platform and I have to say it was very easy to setup and populate my store with all the products I want to sell online. Also, what a great selection of templates to get me going. Highly recommend the Yahoo ECommerce platform to start selling online.
John T. 5 stars Yahoo Small Business has been a great place for me to start my online business where I had everything I needed to make my website rock. Great tools and many options on tools to build my site and market it too. 2 thumbe up...
Samantha K. 5 stars Yahoo Web Hosting has provided me a great place to start to learn to build my own site. Very easy to use and I love the sitebuilder tool and provided templates.
Sean L. 5 stars Yahoo Web Hosting provides me with solid support and a great platform to host my websites. The staff is knowledgeable and the plans offer so much including tracking and a suite of great tools to help me build my website. I would recomment Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting to anyone looking for a dependable and reliable web host.
Russ B. 5 stars Yahoo Web Hosting has been instrumental in providing a great set of tools to get my online business off the ground. Everything from Site Solutions to marketing my site is there and makes Yahoo Small Business a one stop shop for me. What a great platform...
Tara O. 5 stars Looking for a web host for awhile now. No luck finding a web hosting with great performance untli I found Yahoo Small Business. Great hosting plans.
Jim S. 5 stars Yahoo Web Hosting has been a great decision. I have learned so much on how to advance my internet presence with my website hosting. Yahoo has so many tools to help you create a professional site and market it to the public.
Cynthia L. 5 stars 100% pleased with the quality and support of Yahoo Web Hosting. Well I have to admit that this has been one of the best web hosting experiences I have had and am so excited I was able to create a website using your simple and easy Yahoo Site Solutions web building tool. I am 100% pleased with the quality and the support of Yahoo!"
Joe R. 4-1/2 stars Yahoo Web Hosting has the reliability and experience I was looking for... and for these reasons I decided to host with them and things were very easy getting my site setup.
John C. 4-1/2 stars Yahoo Web Hosting was instrumental in getting my website up and running in no time. Great tools to build different components of your site.

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